Life Skills 1 is course designed to give you skills that every person will need in life. The main focus within this course includes using skills like communication, teamwork, self discipline, and listening throughout the course. We will begin with our focus on personality and goal setting relating them to how they will impact your future. Throughout the course we will focus on textiles (creating a pillow and handsewing), food and nutrition (meal planning and budgeting), and job skills (job applications and interviewing). 

Sewing Design 1 is a beginning course that introduces a variety of sewing techniques. The main focus of this course is to use correct sewing techniques, equipment, and completing sewing projects. We begin with a focus of measurements, safety, and terminology specific to sewing skills. Throughout the course we will be making a variety of projects like a bean bag frog, zipper bag, and pajama pants.

Family and Consumer Sciences 8th Grade Exploratory is designed to give you a beginning taste of Family and Consumer Sciences. We will explore Foods & Nutrition, Sewing & Textiles, Child Development, and Current Issues.

Culinary 1 is the beginners course that introduces a variety of cooking techniques. The main focus within this course includes using correct measuring, mixing, baking, and cooking techniques. We will begin our focus on the use of employability skills; relating them to the use within the work force. Throughout the course we focus on quick and yeast breads, pasta with various sauces and the cooking with milk and cheeses.